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 Thailand is an independent country that lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is bordered on the north by Burma and Laos and to the east by Cambodia and Laos and to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia and finally to the west by the Andaman Sea.

The country is a kingdom and has been ruled since 1946 by the ninth king in the House of Chakri. He is the world’s longest serving head of state and holds many titles including the Upholder of the Buddhist religion and the Defender of All Faiths. Thailand welcomes all faiths and is a peaceful country whose people are confident and friendly.

Lying on the 8° north, Phuket is the ideal gateway to the Andaman Sea islands. With hundreds of islands here, there are countless miles of beaches, creeks and headlands meeting the sea. Under a fine tropical climate, the beaches are palm fringed, with pristine white sand, crystal waters and superb coral reefs.

The Andaman Sea is regarded as Thailand’s most precious resource as it hosts the country’s most luxurious resources and feeds millions from its seas. Add to that the renowned friendliness of the Thai People, their magnificent cuisine and culture, and Thailand has deservedly become Asia’s premier cruising destination. Air temperatures vary from 25°C (77 F) to 32° C (86 F) and the sea temperature is  28°C (82.4 F). And despite the tsunami in 2004 this coastal area continues to be the playground of the rich and famous of Asia.

thailandYou can enjoy comfortable cruising all year round because there are no typhoons and even the seasonal monsoons are gentle.

The area of Phuket rarely experiences strong winds and is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons separated by two months called inter-seasons. In the beginning of November, the winds slowly turn again to the northeast.

The sunniest months are December to April but November, July and August are very pleasant as well.

This is one of the Multihull Company’s favorite cruise spots as it is breathtaking and culturally stimulating. There is as much to see on land as there is on the sea. We have put together a classic trip, but rest assured that there are a variety of ways to organize your charter depending on your desires. This is meant to just give you a flavor of the trips there. There is so much to see that you will have to make difficult choices. Let a Multihull Company charter professional help you. E-mail us at

We can help as we have been here and loved every minute of it! 


Itinerary 1

Day 1
As with all the charters, you begin with a welcome at the base. Here, we begin at Yacht Haven northeast of Phuket. After we have given you a warm welcome and an orientation, relax for the evening and enjoy the balmy air and the stars, so many stars.

Day 2: 10 NM
Today, you will head to the majestic and magical Phang Nga Bay where you will spend the evening. The sheer limestone cliffs jut vertically out of the water here making for an awe-inspiring view. The best way to enjoy this bay is to weave your way in and around the cliffs, stopping to spend time on its secluded beaches. Absolutely lovely.

Day 3: 20 NM miles
You set sail early today for one of the most famous groups of islands namely Koh Hong very near the border crossing into Cambodia.  The land is incredible here with the mountains and lands of two countries in view.

Day 4: 11 NM
Set sail toward Mu Koh Poda, or Poda Group of islands, today. The white sand beaches are lined with local fishing and tourism boats, wooden craft with long, narrow front pieces. From here, a short sail to Koh Kai, another island in the group. When the tide is low, you can walk from one island to another.

Day 5: 18 NM
After a marvelous day enjoying and exploring these islands, head toward Ko Phi Phi islands, the largest  of which is Ko Phi Phi Don and the only island with permanent residents in the group. (Island is Ko in Thai.) These islands are known as some of the most beautiful in the world. With stunning views and time spent on the island’s most well-known beach, namely the Maya Bay, you can enjoy an unforgettable day and night during the high season.

Day 6: 30 NM
Today, you will set sail back to Phuket and the charter base. You will sail past all the islands that you enjoyed earlier, this time seeing them from the sea in all their glory. You will want to mark this view in your mind as it is that lovely and unique.

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