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Testimonials by Dolphin Owners


Under the calm guidance of Phil Berman and the Multihull company I bought my beautiful yacht L'Aventura, attaining a dream of more than 20 years standing. And in Phil I met a friend. Live the dream - buy a Cat.


~ Andy Byatt


Dolphin 600 Standard Specs

Base Price: $1,090,000.

Sail and engine powered Catamaran for oceanic cruising Specifications

Overall Length 59’ 10”
Beam 25’ 7”
Draft, Boards Up 3' 3"
Draft, Broad Down 7' 6"
Displacement, polyester version 33,069 lbs
Displacement, laden polyester version 39,683 lbs


Engines HP 2x55
Cruising speed 10 Knots
Max Speed 12 Knots

Sail area

Mast Height 78'7"
Main sail 1076 SQF
Head sail 517 SQF
Asymmetrical Spinnaker (optional) 2583 SQF
Gennaker (optional) 1399 SQF


Fuel 119 Gallons
Water 145 Gallons


A – Exterior parts of the pontoons, the deck and cabin are coated in white Gel coat with molded pyramidal no-slip on the horizontal segments.

The hull, deck, mast, boom and compression beam are made of vacuum-bound carbon fiber composite and post heated at 60 degrees Centigrade. The surface is then coated white with a two-component polyurethane paint. The hull is finally decorated with stripes above the water-line and around the beams.

B – An anti-barnacle solution is applied to the segment of hull that is to remain submerged. The interiors of compartments, pits and storage quarters are coated with gel.

C –Interiors: The lining of the interiors of the pontoons and central cockpit is tailored from fine nautical Finnish fabric whose patterns are chosen by the buyer from an assortment provided by the builder. There are features built in hardwood and the floors are made of Stratfil.

D – The cockpit is entirely finished in Teak hardwood and includes a pair of davits and antenna pedestal


  • Virtually all deck gear and metal parts are fixed to the hull and deck with internal reinforcements.
  • All deck hardware such as winches, stoppers, cars, shackles, cleats, rails and others are manufactured by Antal or may be from another quality make.
  • All the hatches, the beams, the bow-winch and the Gennecker system are made by Goiot or similar.
  • Guard rail posts, terminals , stretchers and guard rail cables are made by Plastimo or similar.
  • All the halyards are made of pre- tensile Dynema or similar, the ropes are of pre-tensile polyester. Mooring and anchoring ropes are made of polyamide or similar.
  • 60 meters of 10 mm heat-galvanized chains , 1 x 25 kg Delta anchor, 1 x 16 kg Brittany anchor, 6 side-fenders that are compatible to the size of the boat made by Plastimo or similar


  • 1 Hydraulic set for two imported rudders.


  • Carbon composite rotating mast with winches and stoppers.


  • A Dacron main sail of with three reef points and five splices. The Gennecker is also made of Dacron and shielded from UV by a black-out strip. The boom has the Lazy Bag and comes with a large sized UV protected canopy in addition to two bow nets. All sails are manufactured by North Sails or similar.


  • A pair of 59 hp engines that operate at 4000 RPM each. The Boat is delivered with the fully operational two 59 hp engines, shafts, three-blade propellers and extended commands.


  • The entire wiring is done with Pirelli no-flame products. Jumpers are manufactured by Siemens, the lamps are made by Plastimo and switches and sockets by Modena (Prime).


  • The fresh water reservoir holds 700 liters. The entire cold and hot water pluming is built with flexible pipes, imported pumps that pressurize the system and all showers, faucets and taps are made by Plastimo or similar. In addition, the Boat feature a desalinization unit that handles 90 liters of water per hour.


  • All waste water is biologically treated to 90% of its purity before being returned to the ocean.
  • All WC items such as toilet, which may be electric or manual (buyer’s choice) and all other bathroom items are made by Plastimo or similar.


  • Contest compass 101 Contest
  • Two Volvo engines 59 hp each and propulsion system
  • One Kohler generator- 6.5 kva
    One 12000 BTU air conditioning unit.
  • Two 5000 BTU air conditioning units
  • One Inverter Heart Interface with a 2000 W battery re-charger
  • One washing machine
  • One clothes drier
  • One 110 Volt 120 liter refrigerator
  • One 110 Volt 120 liter freezer
  • One 110 Volt micro-wave oven
  • Pioneer sound system: radio, amplifier, CD-player, internal and external loud speakers with individual volume control.
  • One ice maker
  • One ice cooler
  • One desalinization unit that handles approximately 90 liters per hour
  • One 50 liter electric water boiler and engine
  • One 3.5 meter hard bottom inflatable Boat
  • One 25 hp outboard engine
  • One Goiot Gennaker roller
  • One 1000 Watt Goiot winch
  • One Ray 6000 automatic pilot system - Raytheon
  • One RL72CRC 7" color/chart Raytheon radar
  • One color Raytheon Radar RL70C relay unit
  • One HSB cable: 10 meters
  • One depth system ST60 Raytheon
  • One speed system ST60 Raytheon
  • One wind system ST60 Raytheon
  • One antenna GPS sensor 112 Raytheon
  • 2 nautical maps for the CF95 plotter – Buenos Aires - Salvador
  • One radio VHF Ray 53 Raytheon
  • One mast top antenna VHF 6 Db
  • One portable radio 106 Raytheon
  • One ST60 relay


Testimonials From Satisfied Customers


These are stand up people, who make a stand up product. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.


~ Jay Clark, Dolphin 460
"Sugar Shack"


I just wanted you to know that your level of service and the high degree of customer satisfaction have made owning my Dolphin a great experience.


~ Daniel Zlotnick, Dolphin
"Sugar Shack"

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