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I am very happy to say that our experience with TMC exceeded our expectations. Not only was the service rendered by the brokers very professional at all times, we were also pleasantly surprised by their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that even the after-purchase processes went smoothly.


~ Erich Danzfuss

The Balance Story

At Balance Catamarans, Phil and his team of designers, engineers, and builders are hard-focused on achieving a perfect harmony between comfort at anchor as well as safety and performance underway. Balance Catamarans is not producing charter cats or racing cats, but blue-water voyagers of uncompromising quality. We know that the demands of the sea have not changed since the days of the early Polynesian catamaran explorers and that however fashionable it may be to have a spacious and glitzy yacht, or a head turning racing cat, ultimately our vessels must Phillip Bermanbe designed and built to cope with the worst weather nature can deliver. A catamaran that pounds too hard, or cannot sail smartly into the wind, or that can't run swiftly and safely before a raging sea is simply not safe. A catamaran that is not easily operated shorthanded, too complex to maintain and sustain, or too cramped to make life enjoyable defeats the entire purpose of voyaging.

The Balance team has been listening very carefully to - and learning from - hundreds of catamaran sailors on the features they most want and need in a live-aboard voyaging catamaran. Careful notes have been taken and used in each design so that Balance Catamarans can live up to its mission of restoring harmony to blue water catamaran sailors.

The story of Balance Catamarans can be traced back to the sun-bleached Southern California beaches where Phillip Berman grew up in the1960s.

Always an entrepreneurial kid, Phil had three paper routes in Newport Beach, California, and used his earnings to fund his boyhood sailing and surfing adventures.  At the age of twelve, Phil was delivering a newspaper to the home of R. Paul Allen, a film producer made famous by his surfing classic, The Endless Summer. Paul had a Hobie Cat 14 resting in his driveway after filming a movie short called “The Cat That Flies” which featured Hobie Alter surfing his latest invention off the shores of San Juan Capistrano. Suffice it to say that Phil was captivated. A year later, Paul and Hobie arranged to sell Phil a Hobie Cat 14 at a special price.

Sailing and racing Hobie’s became Phil’s obsession during high school. He went on to become one of the top Hobie Catracers in the 1970’s and ‘80s, and was crowned the Hobie 14 World Champion in South Africa in 1979. During High School he also authored several of the most popular books on the sport to fund his way through college, including the bestselling catamaran training manual, Catamaran Sailing from Start to Finish (W.W. Norton, 1982), which remains in print to this day. A surfer, sailor, and environmentalist, Phil went on to study philosophy and religion at Harvard and authored several popular books in these fields, including, with Dr. Jane Goodall, The New York Times bestseller, Reason for Hope
Phil Berman with Hobie Alter(Warner Books, 1998.)

Despite success as an author, Phil grew tired of the sedentary and solitary life of a writer and longed to return to his roots on the water. By this time he had owned several large cruising catamarans he sailed with his family and felt there was a need for a company to serve as buyer’s consultants for cruising multihulls. The Multihull Company was formed in 2000 to consult on the design, build, and brokerage of cruising catamarans. Today, Phil’s company has grown to become the leading global firm selling new and used voyaging catamarans.

After managing the sale of hundreds of catamarans over the past decade Phil has learned how catamarans are built, visiting just about every major factory in the world, how they break and fall apart, how they sail in the most dangerous conditions, which systems tend to work and fail, and how they are "really" used by sailors.

Phil concluded that none of the catamarans currently offered by the major production builders are ideally suited to the needs, budgets, and performance expectations of today's committed live-aboard voyagers. The catamaran market has simply focused too much on the charter trade and lost the ideal balance of performance, comfort, quality, and practical seamanlike features required by serious sailors. Phil decided it was time to explore a range of new designs and build partnerships, leading to the formation of Balance Catamarans.

Balance Catamarans are unique because they were designed solely for live aboard voyaging. They result directly from the enormous fund of experience Phil and his team gained through sea trials, owner feedback and the collective result of millions of blue water miles. There really is no substitute for experience and the direct relationship with the Multihull Company's customers has given Balance Catamarans the invaluable feedback it relied upon in the design of each model.

For additional details or questions, please contact The Multihull Company, the exclusive dealer for Balance Catamarans worldwide, at +1-215-508-2704 or inquire here.


Testimonials From Satisfied Customers


These are stand up people, who make a stand up product. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.


~ Jay Clark, Dolphin 460
"Sugar Shack"


I just wanted you to know that your level of service and the high degree of customer satisfaction have made owning my Dolphin a great experience.


~ Daniel Zlotnick, Dolphin
"Sugar Shack"

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