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BareboatThe Multihull Company wants to make sure you know what additional expenses to expect prior to arriving to the base and any additional out of pocket expense once you arrive to your destination. We will be happy to go over all costing and fees with you to assist you in your charter planning.

Skipper for Hire Fees:

The captain/skipper is responsible for the safe operation of the yacht and the guests should be willing to help sail the yacht under this arrangement. The average skipper fee per day ranges between $150.00 to $250.00 depending on the cruising area.

The guests are responsible for the meal and beverage supplies not only for themselves but for the captain (and mate when applicable). The captain requires a private berth for the duration of your charter. He/she will show you all the sights of the Virgin Islands plus take you to the best snorkel spots and beaches.In general, charter guests pay for meals, beverages, fuel, water and ice, and cruising taxes. A gratuity of 10-15% of the charter fee to the captain is customary. This is paid at the end of the journey. The crews understand this is part of the service and work hard to earn this tip, so you will be pleased with their overall service, attitude and spirit.

Sleep aboard

Sleep aboard or Hotel Accommodations

 Depending on your arrival time, you may want to spend your first night in a hotel or sleep aboard your yacht at a reduced rate. Sleep board accommodations generally allow you access to your yacht around 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

The sleep aboard option is convenient since you have to unpack only once and is often an economical option for large groups. The cost is between $25/person but can go as high as 85% of the daily rate of the yacht. It also gives you the opportunity to do your provisioning ahead of time if you arrive at a reasonable hour and can head out to the local markets. At the same time, you get the chance to become familiar with the yacht prior to the yacht orientation. We recommend taking this option as it helps to take your time with the vessel while it is docked.

 We do like to mention at times this option may be uncomfortable if the yacht does not have A/C the marinas are very protected and can be hot, buggy and sometimes noisy. Ask us about individual marinas if you are considering this option and we can advise you. The yacht's lights will be on, the refrigerator cold and there will be instructions describing the yacht's systems and where the head and shower are on shore once you arrive. We recommend bringing a flashlight, however. The staff will show you the yacht's complete systems the next day during the yacht orientation. Most hotels will accept one-night reservations. Their prices start around $90 per room/night in low season and around $200 per room/night in high season, plus tax and service charge. Remember that a good night sleep in a nice cool room after a long day of travel can be the best way to start your vacation!


 For any bareboat charter throughout the World you can either go to the grocery store yourself or have the bareboat company provision the yacht for you so the food will be on board when you arrive. We also have outside gourmet provisioning companies that can provision any charter with any company. Having the yacht pre-provisioned is the most convenient and a great choice if your vacation time is limited or if you prefer not to use your vacation time shopping. The food is of good quality and there are plenty of choices. In most cases you get to do quite a bit of customizing with these plans as the crews will have you fill out questionnaires on your likes, dislikes, preferences etc.

Provisioning yourself is usually the best choice for people who prefer to pick out their own food or have particular tastes or allergies. The grocery stores offer food items you don't see on the provisioning programs like fresh vegetables or local specialty food items. You will also find a greater selection of beverages, beers, wines and liquors. But, the supplies are not consistent in many of the island stores.

Typical prices for provisioning packages are:

Dinners Ashore
Includes 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and daily snacks @ $21 - $25 per person/day

Split Provisioning
Includes 7 breakfasts, 5-7 lunches & 3-4 dinners @ $25 - $29 per person/day

Full Provisioning
Includes 7 breakfasts, 5-7 lunches and 7 dinners @ $29 - $35 per person/day

 A-La-Carte Provisioning allows you to completely customize your provisions and beverage orders. Prices vary depending on your order.Not all charter companies offer all provisioning plans.If your yacht charter includes hired crew, you are responsible for providing their meals and beverages so you must consider them when calculating your costs for provisions.

Once you confirm your charter, a provisioning list with set prices will be sent to you with your paperwork. Please note that beverage costs are not included in the provisioning plan fees. Lists for a-la-carte beverage orders will be provided together with your provisioning options.

Diesel Fuel

Most bareboat companies will charge for fuel you will depart the base with ample fuel but upon return you may be required to fuel the yacht yourself or have the base fuel the yacht. Payment will be processed at the base. Some bases do offer prepaid fuel options and are calculated based on average consumption and are usually reasonable.

Cruising taxes, Mooring Fees, Vat TAX and Immigration Fees:

These fees vary depending on the sailing area you choose. Please contact so we may give you the current fees for each destination we offer. E-mail or call 215-508-2704. Please contact us so we may assist you with any further additional costs at the bases that may be acquired once you arrive.

These fees and cost are estimated and are not guaranteed, prices do vary please contact us so we may assist you with any questions or concerns. E-mail


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